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Two things
1. I have a new blog devoted to books I hate and why I hate them. This is shameless pimping: Undermining Literacy.

2. I have a new cat. Her name is Lily, after, yes, Lily Potter. Since I'm determined to be a crazy cat lady and indulge in all the perks of such an existence (namely, inflicting endless cat pictures and videos upon my trusting friends), have some visual representation:

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I am thrilled by this new source of snark!

Also, your cat is a total spaz.

The world *always* needs more snark, and your book-snark looks like an awesome contribution *g*

And your kitty is so cute <3

LOL. This amused me. I would ask if this helped burn off some of Lily's hyperactivity, but I strongly suspect the answer is no. ;)

Yay, blog! I have added it to my RSS feed like a good little geek. xD

Apropos of nothing, I sent your Halloween package today, so it should arrive before the holiday. :)

We can never have enough snark- I can't wait to start reading! :)

And Lily is just too adorable. I couldn't help but grin at this video. It made me miss my own two back home tremendously- maybe we'll embrace becoming cat ladies together, still browsing the internet together when we're old and gray, swapping kitty stories. :p

It's almost sad how excited I am about your blog.

Also, congratulations on the kitty! She's adorable and I love the name. :D Fully approved! (by a girl named Kat, no less ;p)

I can't believe that I am now just seeing this. Haha.

I've read your blog-it made me laugh. :)

Your cat is really adorable! I wish I had a cat of my own. Sadly, I can't have any pets in my apartment.

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