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Only If It Doesn't Hurt | (Taryn/Zekk, drabble)
Just trying to sort out my thoughts on current EU canon and fill in the blanks where none of the novels ever will. :p

only if it doesn't hurt

he absentmindedly helped her untangle her ceremonial braids, his hands lingering unintentionally on the nape of her neck and the soft bare skin between her shoulder blades. lost in thought, he didn't even notice when the last braid came unraveled and he simply started combing through her amber hair with his fingers.

"hey, jedi," she murmured, reaching up to clasp his hand in hers, "i thought you weren't the touching type."

her red red lips curved into a soft smile, a smile so different from the predatory grin she always wore in public. somehow this smile was better suited for her face, and he found himself fighting a deep fascination with her teasing mouth.

"touching's okay, sometimes," he admitted, "but only if it doesn't hurt."

"oh, i don't plan on hurting you, jedi."

she stood to face him, tugged him closer, and her lips were full and soft and promising, and she looked at him with dark desiring eyes. he felt a blush creep through his skin as she tucked her hands into his hair and slowly--slowly moved closer.

"touching usually hurts, doesn't it?" she asked, pressing her forehead against his nose. he couldn't identify her perfume, but it made him think of exotic gardens warmed by a late summer sun.

"it always means i've gotten too close," he whispered, "in one way or another." he closed his eyes to melt away everything but the heat of her body and the sweet unfamiliar smell on her skin.

"is this too close?" she whispered, her lips pressing to his for one brief moment before she pulled away.

he shook his head, opened his eyes, made a decision he had been trying to deny for the past year.

and he kissed her.

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I am so in love with this. It's so nice to see Zekk finally getting what he deserves. This premise works all too well for them and you wrote it perfectly! Thank you for sharing~

(And of course, MORE PLEASEEEEEEE :D)

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