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Before the night grows dark [Jaina/Zekk ficlets]
Inspired by a book of Christina Rossetti poetry that verdant-fire sent me, here are three J/Z ficlets.

Then if we lost our wayCollapse )

Like Spring-life born to dieCollapse )

O thou, heart-brokenCollapse )

Comments and concrit are welcome. :)

The Cleavage is strong with empowered female Star Wars fans!
Let me begin by saying that, yes, I did read the whole article about the Imperial Services Organization, a ladies-only Star Wars fan group. Yes, I love the fact that they do charity work with a zeal and panache that only geeks can manage. No, there's absolutely nothing wrong with supporting soldiers at home and overseas.

But do they have to do it while dressed as forties-style pinups? Really? Do they have to be so thrilled at being immortalized as glorified, glammed-up waitresses in official webcomics? Because wow, if the extent of my role in canon was to serve a drink to a clonetrooper while wearing a short skirt, I'd totally feel super duper empowered. What is this, Star Trek circa 1966?

I'm sorry, but as a female Star Wars fan, I'd rather my experiences with fandom not be of the dazzling-nerdboys-with-cleavage-and-pretensions-of-empowerment type. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to polish off my metal bikini and find a guy to chain myself to.

I meekly beseech you, f-list.
I never write anymore.

So, dear friends, if you would like to inspire me by posting a pairing or fandom or character name along with a prompt (song lyrics, a quote, a picture, etc.), I'll try to get drabbling along again.

Fandoms I could try my hand at writing for:

+Star Wars
+Harry Potter
+Pushing Daisies
+Doctor Who

Scintillating, really.
Tonight, the majority of my coworkers were male and seventeen. Their conversation went as follows for at least an hour and a half:

"You're gay!"

"You're gayer!"

"You're gayest!"

"Oh, I'll beat you up for that!"

"I'll beat you up more!"

"Fifty bucks says I'll beat you up morest because you're gay!"

"You're gayer!"

... and so on and so forth unto infinity. You know, it occurs to me that the Doctor, with all his faith in the human race, has obviously never worked a shift at Hy-Vee. I try to believe there's more to the world than hicks in stained pajama bottoms wielding food stamp cards and praying to their lottery tickets, but it's difficult to maintain any sort of hope. Maybe I should just start beating people up.

I love it when my favorite characters are immortalized in plastic.

Why yes, that is a Ninth Doctor action figure. I bought him at Hastings yesterday. When he's not posing next to Yorrick, my decorative skull/candy bowl, he resides on my bookshelf, right next to my Snape figure. They're currently trying to out-snark and out-Brit one another, all the while arguing over which type of flower is better: a lily or a rose? It's rather tiring. Luke and Mara on the next shelf up--and my R2-D2 and Princess Jasmine pez dispensers on the shelf above that--are trying to shut them up, but it just isn't working.

Stop! Meme time!
Meme snagged from damalur :

Firstly: People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.

Secondly: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.
Mountains filled with smoke ...Collapse )

Zekk deserves a picspam of sorts.
You know how Zekk is described as being, you know, attractive, but the book covers always make him look green and/or constipated? You know how he got a really bad spray tan before posing for the cover of Blood Oath? ("Look, Jaina, I'm not pale anymore! Now I'm orange!!") Well, over the years, the lack of any kind of consistently pretty and stuff Zekk art has led me to form many character conceptualizations in my head, none of which reflect on his unfortunate experiences with cover artists. Here, have some crappy Zekk-look-a-likes picspam!
Flail with me?Collapse )

Here, have some geographical wisdom.
My World Regional Geography class is a bit odd, demographics-wise; not only am I the lone female in the class, I'm also one of only a few students under the age of twenty-five. So my classmates are basically all overweight guys between the ages of twenty-five and thirty wearing Jeff Gordon hats. Mostly they just like to spout their uninformed redneck views on all things political ("Obama is a terrorist because his name sounds Muslim!"), but today their knowledge of geography and the English language was sorely tested.

Much like Rowsdower, these students don't go map-findin'-behindin' ...Collapse )
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Because I totally need a new fandom.
So I'm finally watching Doctor Who. I'm about halfway through the first season of the new series. The fangirling is just starting to set in. Things always get messy when fangirling kicks in.

But Christopher Eccleston! A tortured balding man with a time machine! How can this fandom possibly go wrong, I ask? ♥

(All of you who know how things end--because I don't and I'd like to keep it spoiler-free--feel free to snicker politely behind your hands at my naivete.)

I should probably be 1) doing homework or, even better, 2) getting some sleep, but I think I'm going to watch one more episode of Doctor Who before I get around to any of that important RL stuff.

You casting directors today, with your lunacy and your recasting and your secrecy!
Solomon Trimble Not in New Moon

I wonder who they'll replace him with? Perhaps a green-eyed blond like the guy rumored to have been cast as Jared? It's all a guessing game, because even though the main cast is headed up to Vancouver this week, we have maybe a shred or two of information about wolf pack casting. Media outlets are too concerned with figuring out who's going to play the new sparkly European vampires. OMG will AnnaLynne McCord play Heidi, a Volturi bombshell who had one, maybe two, lines in New Moon? I don't know, but surely the part of Heidi deserves more coverage than the entire wolf pack thrown together! LET'S JUST FORGET THE ONLY GOOD PART OF THE SERIES, SHALL WE?


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